I intend to use this blog to write about politics, society, philosophy and religion, so it would probably be useful for me to tell you a little bit about where I’m coming from. I’m a white, heterosexual, Canadian male who grew up in a Liberal Christian household. I have a Master’s degree in Political Theory.

I often play the role of religious advocate with my secular friends, and I expect I wll continue to do so on this blog.

At the end of the day, I identify with the political left, but I’m deeply sympathetic to a variety of conservative and (to a lesser extent) libertarian arguments. I tend to agree (in a slightly tongue-in-cheek way) with the radical left’s apparent view that Liberalism (and it’s friends elite feminism, capitalism, the insufficiently-radical left, etc.) are the real problem.

So hopefully that gives you enough to start contextualizing my posts. My purpose in writing this blog is to keep me engaged and to improve my writing – especially writing for an audience of people who are not my university professors.


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